Friday, November 14, 2014

Books: The Good Girl, 2014 A Novel by Mary Kubica

Publishers Weekly needs to apologize for false advertising! The jacket quotes a review from them claiming that the book "will encourage comparisons with Gone Girl...." What a nonsense and a lie!
The book is a weak attempt at fiction writing by a housewife well-read in romance novels. The story could be transplanted in a fantasy "medieval" setting and could well be told as, for example, the story of a princess abducted by a Highlands shepherd who eventually fall in love. It is totally phony, banal, and boring. Too many pages dedicated to describing physical details don't make a "psychological" novel. Literally describing looking, touching, walking, sitting, glancing, driving, etc. and doing all kinds of things a physical presence in the world comprises, is not the "detail" that fiction is made of. It fills pages. The author should go back to her other hobbies like "gardening, photography and taking care of animals in the local shelter" or find another way to make her kids proud of her, different from the fact that "mommy wrote a book."

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