Monday, January 12, 2015

Film: Codebreaker, 2011, A Documentary by Clare Beavan, Nic Stacey, Written by Simon Berthon and Craig Warner

A must-see movie! It drives painfully in the viewer mind its tragic truth about the life and fate of Alan Turing, a pure genius, who played crucial role in the winning of WW II by breaking the Enigma code, and who was tried and convicted on the basis of the same laws used against Oscar Wilde in the 19th century. Turing was forced to accept chemical castration in order to avoid being imprisoned for his homosexuality. Eventually, he committed suicide - he could not accept the deteriorating effect of the drugs on his intellect. And this all happened to a man who helped defeat Hitler (and we know what the latter's treatment of homosexuals was...). The plain facts, delivered in a documentary manner, can be more shattering than the suggestive power of art. The fictionalized story of Turing, as told in "The Imitation Game" and as performed by Benedict Cumberbatch has a sentimental streak that clouds the sheer tragic irony contained in the actual historical events and prevents the realization of truth. Instead of the realization of truth, "The Imitation Game" offers empathy...

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