Saturday, January 24, 2015

Film: Still Alice (2014), Directed by Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer

Julianne Moore plays a 50-year old linguistic professor afflicted by early-onslaught Alzheimer's disease. Plays quite well - reserved enough to make you identify with her and face your deep instinctive fear of the disease, and passionately enough to make you weep. Her fans should be happy for her because she was quite terrible in the role of the hysterical actress from Cronenberg's "Map to the Stars". She most certainly has a shot at the Oscars given the award potential of disease-suffering characters. Entertainment Weekly have compiled nice visualized stats on the professions of Oscar nominated roles. They should have done one on healthy vs sick personae, a graph like that would have definitely been in favor of the sick. 
The film is cathartic -- plunging the viewer into the fear and trembling of modern Fate - incurable diseases. Helplessness and horror gradually take over the plot as it follows Alice's demise through her slowly loosing hold of her Self. At the end she is still there and not there. The reason why she could be still Alice is the thin thread of love still linking her to her beloved and prodigal daughter. The film ends with a close-up on a totally lost Alice still mumbling "love" to a face she probably does not recognize... A weepie! 

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