Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Film: While We'are Young, Directed by Noah Baumbach (2014)

Another good movie by Noah Baumbach! It's all about "the old" vs "the young" in art. In Baumbach's story - it's film making.
The young can pitch you anything and you will love them for that. You are old and uncertain and self-doubting and you can't complete things. The young make things with ease. They record stuff and pass it on as "documentaries"...They are shameless, cool, and master the game of appearing authentic. They steal from anybody and everybody and make it their own. They can justify their lack of artistic integrity with irresistible charm. The young can use "fuck you" playfully but -- fuck you "young" - for real...It's all going to pass...Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame while it lasts.

Highly enjoyable - if you are in the "industry" or if you are "old"!

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