Monday, February 15, 2016

Film: The Revenant

What a shame! At the BAFTA awards director Inarritu had the nerve to define the film as a "tender story" about a father-son love. Whom are you trying to fool Mr. Inarritu? The film lost so much money while in the making so that now the producers are ensuring some big awards for the film so that they can force-feed it to audiences throughout the world and try to recover some of this money. The award system is so rigged! Now we will have to watch the same circus at the Oscars...George Miller is ten-times better director than Inarritu and he does not even get nominated. What about "Trumbo" - no nomination for film at all, just for Cranston? The Revenant is such a boring film - no characters, no dialogue, simplistic and violent... Poor DeCaprio - he is being awarded for enduring hardships while shooting the film - because there is no real role worth mentioning there...The visuals are of course "inspired" or rather "copied" from the great Tarkovsky, Urusevsky, etc. Boycott this film, don't bail it out.

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