Saturday, March 15, 2014

Media: Boycott Upworthy and Buzzfeed!

Really! I am appealing to people for whom news media mean something as a source of information, analysis or opinion, and just good reading.

Boycott these sites and their intrusive postings and sharings on Facebook. Boycott any headline that is imitating their so called "viral" style. Don't click on any headline that contains a list like "5 things" or "45 tips," etc. etc. or headlines that start with "watch," "see," "this girl (did xyz)" and the like... Don't click on a headline that suggests what your reaction to reading the article should be! Don't be underestimated! Don't allow to be manipulated. Don't be fooled - once or twice --you'll always be the stupid one and shame will be on you and you only. What will you learn if you click on "Humans Aren't Stupid, We Just Happen To Be Acting Very Stupidly"? (Upworthy) Does this headline even make any sense? Curiosity is a great driver of human progress. It urged man to look up at the stars and seek answers about the universe. But the type of curiosity that makes you click on Buzzfeed's headlines is the same as the one that makes you look into your neighbors' window. And, no, you are not going to solve any crime ("Rear Window"). Peeping is a titillating form of entertainment. Can you refrain from it? There are better sources of entertainment - just think about it!


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