Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Books: La Première Chose qu'on regarde. A Novel by Grégoire Delacourt

Have the French totally lost their taste for good literature? This is a best-selling author? Gregoire Delacourt sucks! This can't be possibly "literature" -- the writing is bland, transparently commercial, feels like reading the yellow press. The "idea" of the novel (if we can call it that) is so banal and tired... A looser imagines himself being visited by Scarlett Johansson but actually he's fallen in love with another regular looser and since both are so messed up by the entertainment industry and gossip media, Scarlett Johansson becomes a vehicle of their dreams and desires. The author actually cannot even pull off that "idea". The main female character is killed in a car crash because Delacourt does not know what to do with her and his story. The book lacks intelligence, the narrative revolves around the literal. The alleged sense of humor is pathetic. The novel falls apart before even having assembled. It probably intended to say something about the effect of the entertainment celebrity on the life of ordinary people but is so literal and unimaginative as literature that eventually it is just puzzling how it can hold any reader's attention to the end.

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